You May Gain the Skills and Knowledge the DIY Way, But You Still Need a Certification

You Still Need a Certification

With so many knowledge and training resources available through the web, becoming proficient in a specific industry or role is not as difficult as it used to. On-line, tutorials, how-to’s, and DIY guides may help you learn the basic concepts and processes, but rarely are they as effective as an instructor-led class. This type of learning still lacks the support and endorsement of an entity with authority and trained professionals, making it difficult to prove your expertise to an employer or a partner without a licensed certification. This is one of the main reasons why earning a recognized certification in your field is a requirement.

within the Information Technology industry, the availability of training sessions and online documentation is exponentially high. This and the fact that some (if not most) of the information out there is incorrect, out of date, or misleading, makes it critical to demonstrate your knowledge and skills through an industry-recognized certification.

Why Should I Become Certified?

Earning an IT certification validates your skill level with a product, platform or methodology. It also provides employers a level of reassurance for the proficiency of an applicant or employee, as well as opening new opportunities in the ever-growing field of Information Technology and Cyber Security.

Certification authorities understand that most individuals can learn from the most basic to the most advanced skills on their own. But putting them into practice in a training and la environment is a key feature to demonstrating competency. That is why workshops, boot camps, and training sessions are invaluable for achieving certifications.

If you want to build your career on a solid foundation, certification is a step that you cannot skip. Being awarded an officially-licensed certificate validates your knowledge is key to gaining that sought-after promotion or interview.

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