According to WorldNews, Cyber Security jobs are going to increase by 500,000 openings by 2021, which means that the IT/Cyber industry is in need of information security analysts, cyber forensic analysts, network security administrators, security engineers, and more. However, the requirements for this type of positions require specialty certifications demonstrate expertise and understanding of the subject material to verify applicant skill level and proficiency within the cyber domain. Thus, getting certified through a solid authority is a must for IT professionals.

With several certification authorities available, it may be difficult for both employers and individuals to find the best match for their business and learning needs.

Identify your goals

Defining your goals as an individual or as a company will help you identify the skills that you will need to build or enhance. Are you looking to branch out an expand your knowledge to secure a promotion or new position within industry? If so, research the available certification career paths that provide a path towards subject mastery. Are you an IT manager seeking to grow and develop your staff? Identify, core certifications that your staff will require to meet corporate objectives. With a variety of IT certifications, knowing which ones will help you reach your goals is key to success.

Research the reputation of the certificate authority

Multiple organizations provide IT certifications. Research the respective council, association or organization and compare and contrast the certifications they offer. How widely recognized is the certificate authority? What is their reputation? What certificates do they offer? How will a respective certificate further your career goals? How available are their certificate offering? Is the certificate recognized in industry and does it meet NIST or other Federal standards (eg. DoD 8140 / 8570 requirements)?  Read through comments and testimonials to learn more about the learning experience and how the knowledge and skills associated with the certificate can help achieve your goals and objectives.

Find a good certification training provider

To ensure that you will get the best results in your certification exams, contact a training provider for the specific certificate you want to enroll. Many vendors offer specific courses and certification boot camps, that provide the specific training required to assist you in obtaining your certificate. There are many training organizations that offer certification training, but identify the differences between them. Is the vendor a certified training partner of the issuing authority? Does the trainer utilize generic IT trainers, or do they provide working professionals who are engaged with industry on a day-to-day basis? Avoid the trainers who only teach, as they lose touch with the pulse of industry and technology trends.

Develop Your Skills with Edgesource Training Solutions

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